Установка слайдеров на Ниндзю ZX6R 2005

2005-2006 ZX6RR-636 Frame Slider Installation

Tools you will need:
4mm Hex/Allen key/driver
6mm Hex/Allen driver
8mm Hex/Allen driver
Ratchet and extensionFairings do not need to be modified (cut) in any way. Only the left side mid fairing needs to be removed to attach
bracket and slider assembly.

Before step one, you can hold the frame slider and bracket assembly in position to get a rough idea how the
assembly will be mounted, as the bracket can be mounted at a range of angles. Take note of its position- this will
help with step four.

1. Remove the left side mid fairing to gain access to the upper left engine mount bolt.

2. Remove the left side engine mount bolt with the 6mm hex driver. The bolt has a nut on the back side which is
held in place, so you won’t need to hold it with a wrench, but you will need to be ready to catch it when it falls out of

NOTICE: The engine mount bolts are normally very tight from the factory. You will not be able to loosen
the bolts with just a 6mm hex key- you will need a hex driver (the type that is used with a 3/8 or 1/2
drive ratchet).

3. The nut is a lock nut and needs to be installed with the locking tabs facing towards the inside of the bike or the
nut will not start onto the bolt threads.

4. Lightly lubricate (any type of automotive grease or oil will work) the supplied bolt threads and install the frame
slider bracket. Hold the lock nut in place and start threading the supplied bolt into place. After the bolt starts
threading into the nut, pull outward on the bracket while continuing to tighten the bolt; this will keep the nut in place
until the bolt is tight. If you are using a torque wrench, tighten to 40-45 lbs/ft.

At this point it is a good idea to remove the slider from the bracket and apply blue thread locker
compound to the threads of the bolt that holds the slider to the bracket, then reinstall the slider to the
bracket. Torque the frame slider to bracket bolt to 25 lbs/ft.

5. Re-install the left side mid fairing.

6. On the right side you will see a castle-type nut on a large stud. This is the lock nut for the engine mount
adjuster and does not need to be loosened. At a glance, it may appear that the engine mount bolt and the stud are
one, but the stud is hollow and the engine mount bolt runs through it. Remove the bolt with your 6mm hex driver.

7. Hold the nut in place, remembering to face it toward the inside of the bike. Lightly lubricate the supplied bolt and
install the frame slider. Retain the factory bolt for later use. If using a torque wrench, tighten to 40-45 lbs/ft.

Special Notes:

* Use an automotive wax or polish on your OES frame sliders to maintain the factory shine and finish of the Delrin.

* Caution: Do not use high alkaline based detergents to clean the offset bracket. Use of harsh detergents could
cause discoloration of the anodized finish of the bracket.